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199X differentiates itself with a simple yet meaningful value proposition

199X, a Dubai-based creative digital marketing agency with operations in the MENA region, is making waves with its unique value proposition of strategies designed and executed by digital natives. Its name, 199X, refers to the decade that saw the rise and rise of the Internet, with “X” denoting different years in the 90s.

Led by Khaled El Masry, 24, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer in the MENA region, 199X includes a number of marketers born in the 90s with a digital dexterity that comes naturally to them. Their digital acumen has led to unparalleled end-to-end service offerings and a 40% year-over-year growth rate in customers since 2020.

With offices in Dubai and Cairo and operations in the MENA region, 199X has a client portfolio that speaks for itself: Tefal Arabia, Moulinex Arabia, BeKind Snacks ME, Optimum Nutrition, Nivea, Brunch, Rich Bake , Uber and Reckitt Benckiser, among other big companies. 199X’s understanding of local sensitivities and its proximity, fueled by digitalization, to global advancements, has enabled it to lead local and foreign companies to marketing success.

“We are a group of young, passionate Millennials and Gen Z techies with a comprehensive approach to digital marketing. We perceive the objective of each client through the prism of digital consumerism, before designing an overall strategy to market their products/services. With us, clients are not just working with a creative marketing agency, but with unconventional but goal-oriented minds. So ours is not a strategy proposal but a mindset proposal,” El Masry said.

Masry’s words ring true in the current context of technological advancements, including the increased use of AI, automation and hyper-personalization tools in marketing. Many consumer brands have eagerly embraced these developments, leveraging “MarTech” for audience segmentation, personalized messaging and omnichannel campaigns. These market-oriented developments and proposals are particularly suitable for young audiences – which is the playground of a company run by young people and adapted to its objectives like 199X.

“Children of the 90s are fortunate to have grown up at a unique time in technological evolution. Therefore, today we can proudly say that we know it best. By this I mean that we have a nuanced understanding of marketing technologies as well as a youthful temperament to align ourselves with dynamic market trends.Perhaps that’s why when customers ask what the “X” in 199X stands for, I say it’s the different years of the 90s as well as the symbol of our ability to multiply your reach,” added Khaled El Masry.

To date, its comprehensive, end-to-end marketing services have also been instrumental in 199X’s traction: social media management, digital marketing, media buying, performance marketing, content curation and creation, campaign management, PR management and digital production – all of which a consumer brand will need to navigate the brave new world of digitalization today. 199X’s youthful exuberance and passion for marketing is shared by its premium offline partner Awkward Ads and packaging and branding partner Plush Studios. Together, the partners succeeded in raising the marketing bar and creating a buzz in the business ecosystem.

However, Masry is quick to point out that digital marketing isn’t about creating endless white noise for products/services, it’s about creating meaningful interactions with customers, designing campaigns that resonate with them, and ensuring you to humanize your marketing approach. “Brand relationships built on trust, transparency and goodwill will stand the test of time and last long after the noise is over,” he asserted.

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