Value stocks

2 of the best stocks to buy and hold until 2030

We all know that buying low and selling high is crucial, and that these market environments are the best opportunities to do so. However, this can sometimes be easier said than done. However, it’s essential to keep a long-term perspective and see the big picture, which is why now is a great time to buy some of the best value stocks in the market.

We all want to buy stocks at the best discounts today. However, because we plan to hold out for the long term, while the discount is significant, it’s even more important to find a high-quality company that can continue to rapidly expand its operations over the next few years.

With that in mind, if you’re looking to take advantage of this environment and buy stocks you can hold for years to come, here are two of the best value stocks on the market today.

A leading Canadian retail stock

If you’re looking to buy some of the best stocks in Canada that can grow for years to come, but also offer attractive value today, then Aritzia (TSX:ATZ) is the one you might want to consider.

Aritzia is a vertically integrated women’s fashion retailer that has been growing rapidly in sales for years. The stock even managed to grow during the pandemic, even after the initial lockdowns had a significant impact on its business.

In fact, in the five years from the end of its 2017 fiscal year to the end of its 2022 fiscal year (which ended in February), Aritzia’s sales increased by approximately 124%. Moreover, during this period, its gross profit has increased by almost 150% and its net income has gone from a loss in 2017 to a gain of more than $150 million in 2022.

Aritzia has a crazy growth track south of the border, as roughly two-thirds of its locations are in Canada. However, it also has significant growth potential due to its impressive e-commerce platform.

Therefore, although Aritzia is trading well above its highs and at a reduced price, there is no doubt that it is one of the best value stocks to buy right now. At the start of the year, Aritzia was trading at a forward price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of more than 42 times.

And even after its expected forward earnings were boosted since reporting strong earnings in the first quarter of fiscal 2023, the stock has further lost value, as it now trades at a C/ E forward of only 27.8 times.

Therefore, although Aritzia offers such great value, it is undoubtedly one of the best stocks to buy right now.

One of the best growth stocks to buy as it offers huge value

Another high-quality stock that is trading at an attractive discount, especially given its long-term growth potential, is Jamieson Wellness (TSX: JWEL).

Jamieson has been one of the best stocks in Canada to buy for quite some time, so the fact that it offers such impressive value today makes it one of the best stocks to add to your watch list.

Jamison is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of vitamins, mineral supplements and other health products. This makes its core business highly defensive, which is another reason why it is a top-notch stock to buy today.

Additionally, Jamieson has proven for years that it can consistently find organic growth, and now after making a pivotal acquisition earlier this year, it has even more potential for organic growth over the next few years.

So not only is Jamieson one of the most profitable stocks to buy in general, but it’s also the perfect defensive growth stock to consider in this economic and market environment.

Moreover, it is not just the stock price that is trading at a discount. At Wednesday’s close, Jamieson was trading at an enterprise value to earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization ratio of just 11.9 times. That’s well below its three-year average of 16 times.

So while this high-quality stock is trading at a noticeable discount, it’s easily one of the best value stocks to buy right now.