Value proposition

eNaira and its value proposition, by Center for Fiscal Transparency & Integrity Watch

…the distinctive feature of eNaira as a simultaneous medium of exchange and store of value brings more challenges than the untrained eye can see. The paradox here is that any commodity that stores value is subject to appreciation and depreciation. If economic agents anticipate a depreciation, they will be so rational that they no longer […]

Value chain

5 ways organizations can embed sustainability throughout the value chain

At a time when there is an urgent need to act more transparently, organizations around the world are under increasing pressure to incorporate more sustainable practices throughout their supply chains to limit unnecessary waste and preserve the use of resources. This is not an easy task. In a world that undeniably depends on large and […]

Value tax

The merits of replacing the LPT with a larger site value tax should be considered

The Commission on Taxation and Welfare – the government body created to consider how public services should be financed in the future – must examine the merits of replacing the local property tax (LPT) with a value tax of the larger site. The current LPT regime only applies to residential properties, but a site value […]

Value stocks

4 Best Value Stocks to Buy Right Now

TThe market doesn’t seem particularly cheap right now, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find pockets of value. Here are three stocks that look like great values ​​on a price-to-free movement of capital (FCF). Siemens German industrial giant Siemens (OTC: SIEGY) has a 2.6% dividend yield and generates significant cash flow. In addition, its […]

Value proposition

5 Ways to Write an Engaging Value Proposition for Your Website

When it comes to selling newspapers, persuasive and relevant ‘above the waterline’ content has always been a must. The top half of the newspaper, the only part visible at newsstands, is what is commonly referred to as “above the waterline”. In order for newspapers to sell, this content above the waterline has to be compelling […]

Value proposition

A new value proposition for the ultra-rich

A group of seasoned wealth advisory professionals has launched Private Wealth Asset Management LLC, a sophisticated wealth management and financial services firm designed to serve the very wealthy individuals and families of Iowa and Nebraska. Company President and Co-Founder Timothy Kneen is a serial entrepreneur and 33-year veteran of the investment industry. Working with Jeff […]

Value chain

Coca-Cola HBC Commits to Net Zero Emissions Across the Entire Value Chain by 2040

The Coca-Cola bottler, which serves more than 600 million consumers in 28 countries, will address the entire value chain by expanding its existing partnership approach with suppliers to reduce emissions. Where emissions cannot be fully eliminated, they will be offset by investments in other climate protection measures. To achieve its goal, Coca-Cola HBC: Invest €250 […]

Value proposition

Creating a Systematic Value Proposition with Blockchain

Over the past few years there has been a surge in research on Blockchain technologies and simultaneously there have been many attempts to integrate them into a myriad of business applications. Nearly a decade ago, Satoshi Nakamoto, the popular name behind the development of bitcoin, author of the bitcoin white paper, and creator and deployment […]

Value proposition

Clarity in communicating the fixed annuity value proposition

Over the past 18 months, Americans have seen their lives turned upside down by the ongoing pandemic. This has put uncertainty in the spotlight, as well as the critical need for future planning. In fact, 70% of Americans saw the pandemic as a financial wake-up call, claiming it has “caused them to pay more attention […]