Arrested Kerala crook played different roles to make himself known: police

A SELF-STYLE antique dealer, who was stopped at the beginning of the week in Kerala accused of cheating and fraud, wore different hats to raise his profile, possibly making his job as a con artist easier, according to investigators.

In addition to claiming to be in possession of “antiques” dating back to the 13th century BC. and philanthropist.

According to police investigations, the 52-year-old man is a dropout.

On Thursday, a Kochi court sent Monson into custody for three more days. Police said after the initial charge of cheating on six people for Rs 10 crore, three more cases were registered against Monson.

Among the latest cases, one concerns a complaint from a Thiruvananthapuram-based sculptor that Monson did not pay him Rs 70 lakh for the cost of sculpting idols and artifacts.

In another case, Kottayam-based investor Rajeev alleged Monson took Rs 1.75 crore from him after he promised to give Wayanad an estate for rent. The estate is owned by the government of Madhya Pradesh, it was found.

The third case against him relates to a proposed TV channel, Samskara, in which Monson wanted to be the president after investing Rs 10 crore.

“It would be difficult to recover the lost money even though more complaints are likely to arise in the coming days. His accounts do not contain any funds that we can freeze. He had used up everything he pocketed from others, ”said an officer with the State Crime Branch.

“He had not sold any of the items from his collection of so-called antiques. The claim that he obtained 2.62 crore rupees from abroad as proceeds from the sale of antiques is also baseless, ”the officer said. “Officials from the Archaeological Survey of India, who examined the collections, said the objects did not have such ancient value.”

In a video currently circulating, Monson is heard saying, “I am an ordinary man without any wealth or education. I didn’t have any skills but I always looked for how to become a famous man. I believe I would be the richest man in the world in terms of friendship. Sources said Monson wanted to live a luxurious life with other people’s money by creating a false image and connecting with prominent people. “Although he has never been overseas, Monson has functioned as the sponsor of the expatriate association and has projected himself as a globetrotter,” a police source said.

Kerala expat living in Italy, Anitha Pullayil, told media she knew Monson as the boss of the Pravasi Malayali Federation. She claimed it was she who spoke about Monson’s ancient museum residence in Kochi, then DGP Loknath Behera, currently managing director of Kochi Metro.

Behera, who retired as DGP in June, frequently attended Monson’s residence. He also ordered police security of the residence, where the fake antiques were on display. He has not yet responded to the controversy.

Also, in September 2019, Monson, as representative of the expatriate association, participated in an international cybersecurity conference, CoCon, hosted by the Kerala Police in Kochi. The meeting was chaired by senior IPS officials, including ADGP Manoj Abraham.

Police are also considering filing a complaint against Monson over his claim that he was a doctor specializing in cosmetology. KPCC chairman K Sudhakaran, whose name has appeared among his high-level contacts, has previously admitted that he was taken to the charlatan at the behest of local congressional leaders.

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