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BDO announces the launch of Global Value Chain Solutions

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BDO USA, LLP, one of the nation’s leading professional services firms, today announced the launch of Global Value Chain Solutions, an integrated suite of services that addresses the individual elements of value chain strategy. global supply. With continued instability in markets exposing weaknesses and gaps in supply chains, this end-to-end solution can help business leaders navigate challenges and unlock new value.

By bundling this set of services into a holistic offering, organizations will be better positioned to assess and improve every aspect of the supply chain for maximum value, including:

  • Network optimization

  • Sourcing and supplier management

  • Financial optimization

  • Digital Strategy and Enablement

  • Total tax liability

  • Relocation of the site and negotiation of government incentives

  • Strategic Workforce Analysis

  • Risk management

Through an integrated and customizable approach, BDO helps its clients optimize their supply chains to improve the resilience and agility of their organization. By improving resilience, responsiveness and transparency throughout the supply chain, customers will be able to navigate disruptions and seize new growth opportunities faster than their peers.

BDO’s global value chain solutions help companies increase profits, efficiency and reliability, while improving customer service, reducing operational and financial risk and helping executives comply with ongoing regulatory changes .

Eskander Yavar, Head of Global Value Chain Practice at BDO, comments: “Most organizations with a multinational footprint face supply chain disruptions which in turn impact their bottom line. . Between an increasingly complex business and regulatory landscape and the emergence of new digital technologies that are reshaping customer-supplier relationships, improving supply chain performance is not just a need, but also an opportunity. to enter.

This solution serves multinational clients by leveraging BDO’s global organization of over 97,000 people working in over 1,700 offices in 167 countries.

To learn more, visit our Global Value Chain Solutions hub.

5 megatrends that will reshape global supply chains in the next decade

Alongside the launch of Global Value Chain Solutions, BDO released a white paper exploring five megatrends that will transform global supply chains over the next decade – and what businesses need to know to prepare and adapt:

  1. Accelerating Connectivity, Innovation and Uncertainty: As the world becomes increasingly connected, no business will be isolated from global events. This will create new opportunities to unlock value, but will also increase the risk of supply chain disruption.
  2. Changing regulatory environment: Over the next decade, the global regulatory environment will become more complex as countries implement new policies to achieve various goals. Keeping track of these ongoing developments will be key to maintaining global supply chain compliance.
  3. Increase supply chain transparency and due diligence: The ability to know where all goods are in the supply chain – and where they come from – will be crucial in a time when disruptions are common and often unpredictable. Proactive transparency and data sharing will be key tactics in a successful global supply chain strategy.
  4. Changing customer expectations: Customer expectations are changing rapidly, presenting risks for companies that do not want to change and opportunities for those that want to evolve their business models – and their supply chains – in line with these expectations. Building authentic relationships will be the key to customer retention.
  5. Significant advancement of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues: A demonstrable commitment to environmental, social and governance factors has become an integral part of supply chain management. In addition to regulation, companies are asked by stakeholders to justify their ESG strategy, objectives and measurable progress throughout their supply chain.

To read the full overview and learn more about emerging trends in global supply chains, check out 5 megatrends that will reshape global supply chains in the next decade.


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