Billion: Wags’ 10 Best Quotes

In Billion, Mike “Wags” Wagner, has the perfect role model to be a reliable right-hand man. The outspoken Ax Capital COO is extremely loyal to his boss, Bobby “Ax” Axelrod, and is always more than happy to do the heavy lifting for him as long as the problem at hand involves people and not numbers. .

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Most of Wags’ interactions tend to be with Ax, but as the most talkative character on the show, he normally has no problem getting into a conversation that takes place within his department. This has earned him hundreds of comments and opinions. Among his scenes, a few quotes really stand out.

“Tonight is the night of your baptism at Barclays Church.”

Wags wishes Ax the best of luck as he prepares for his meeting with Spartan-Ives CEO Lawrence Boyd in Billions

Getting involved in Ice Juice is one of Ax’s biggest mistakes. Billion, and at the height of the scandal, Wags sets up a meeting for the billionaire hedge fund with Lawrence Boyd. The location is the Barclays Center.

This is yet another moment where Wags demonstrates his ingenuity. He rightly calls the meeting an “Axis baptism” since the CEO of Ax Capital seeks to be cleansed of his sins. He’s at the heart of the scandal after all and only the CEO of Spartan-Ives can save him. Unfortunately for Ax, Boyd concludes that the billionaire’s sins are too big to be forgiven, so he skips the reunion.

“If I hadn’t been very rich, maybe I would have been a really great man.”

Wags interrupts Axis' screening of Citizen Kane in Billions

While Ax hosts a private screening of Citizen Kane, one of the best films of the 1940s, Wags shows up with documents to sign. Ax isn’t happy with the interruption, but Wags maintains that being rich is to be blamed for his lack of good manners.

It’s a quote Wags actually borrows from the movie itself. In it, media editor Charles Foster Kane says the same words to Walter Thatcher. As well as being a great reference to pop culture, the quote applies to most of the characters in the show. Thanks to wealth, everyone not only has an ego, but also doesn’t want to play nicely.

“An ordinary evening bodes well for ordinary returns.”

Wags orders Ax Capital employees to shut down computers and follow him to Billions strip club

Wags overhears the conversation when Spartan-Ives managers call Mafee, promising to favor Ax Capital in all their future business transactions. Mafee is reluctant to meet them, but Wags encourages her to do so. According to him, such strange meetings give excellent results.

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As someone who has worked in the hedge fund industry for a long time, Wags is not afraid of risk. Ax Capital’s best deals were the ones that seemed riskier at first and he is ready to continue down this path. Wags is free to make such calls since Ax trusts him completely. Mafee, on the other hand, has every right to be reluctant since he’ll be on the chopping block if he’s wrong.

“I’ve never seen a 65-year-old look so fresh.”

Ax comes out of Ax with a billion-dollar body cryotherapy machine

Wags has many questions when Ax purchases a body cryotherapy machine. Although he is one of the smartest characters in Billion, the COO is confused, so Ax explains that he restores a person’s energy in just under 180 seconds. When Ax walks in and out, Wags is impressed.

The age of the characters Billion are rarely revealed, and it’s interesting that Wags calls Ax a 65-year-old. Right now, actor Damian Lewis isn’t nearly 65 – he’s 50. Wags says those words in Season 1, and Lewis would have been around 46 at the time. It’s possible that Wags meant the work made Ax look like a 65-year-old man, which is why the machine helped him.

“The most dangerous thing in the world: government workers who don’t hate their jobs enough to take a bribe. “

Ax and Wags discuss obstacles in efforts to register new billion bank

Wags and Ax are struggling to get their new bank approved. The two men’s attempts to bribe banking officials, including the SEC chairman, fail. Wags finally admits that the obstacles in their path are too great.

Wags, Ax and others in the hedge fund industry are motivated by their superiority complex. For them, government workers earn so little that they shouldn’t have a problem accepting bribes. In the context of the series, that has generally proven to be correct, but this time the playing field has changed for them.

“For Bobby Axelrod, fees are religion and money is his God. It makes him the perfect shepherd for you in the material world.”

Wags vouches for Axis with a billion-dollar Qadir diplomat

In order to secure a sovereign wealth fund, Wags takes a Qadir diplomat to a nightclub where he lavishes him with food and drink. He promises her that Ax is his best bet if he wants to get even richer.

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Only Wags would try to instill biblical analogies while not being interested in religion at all. As someone who has been playing the game for quite a long time, he understands that the best way to get an investor to engage is to discuss the business with them while they engage in their vices, rather than to do so. do in a quiet office. Wags also likes to party, and that’s why Ax gave him this kind of assignment.

“You answer every one of their questions, like Agassi in his prime.”

Wags praises Ax for sealing Carter Staley investment deal in Billions

Ax gets heavily grilled while trying to make the investment deal with Carter Staley. Despite the pressure, he manages to answer every question perfectly, impressing Wags in the process.

Wags refers to Grand Slam tennis champion Andre Kirk Agassi, who often revived the sport’s popularity in the early 1990s. He is often considered the greatest service turner in the sport, and this is why Wags compares the way Ax answers questions the way Agassi returned the ball.

“Find the greatness that lies within you and nurture it. Eventually, it will be seen.”

Transvestite Wags at an Office Party in Billions

At the neophytes’ cocktail party, where everyone is forced to dress up, Wags shows up in heels and a dress and just gives career advice to Dollar Bill Stearn and Spyros. Although it seems they already have, he wants them to find their calling.

While the advice is great, Wags’ appearance as he speaks his words of wisdom is too hilarious for Dollar Bill Stearn and Spyos to take him seriously. He always had this problem. The serious things he says end up not being taken seriously because he says them in such a pleasant way. But that’s what makes him one of the best characters in Billion.

“We can’t fire you now because it wouldn’t be nice. But get out of sight. And stay there.”

Wags gives Spyros a disguise for blaming Wendy in Billions

Spyros finds himself in trouble when he tries to get into the big leagues by digging into the ice juice store, this way he blames Wendy, which infuriates Ax and Wags. They give him a bandage but choose not to send him back because the media is sniffing.

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Wags never shy away from flaunting his authority whenever a junior employee gets it wrong and he does it again here. Even with Ax in the room, he’s the one talking because he can’t pass up the opportunity to yell at someone. As for Spyros, his desperation to get into Axis inner circle tends to do him more harm than good.

“In what I can only pray for won’t be a regular occurrence, Bill Stearn will take a page from Otis Redding’s songbook and try a little tenderness.”

Wags lets Stearn pose as Otis Redding in billions

There’s a party vibe when Dollar Bill Stearn and Spyros agree to end their feud. During the revelry, Stearn offers to sing.

Once again, Wags proves he is the lord of pop culture references. The famous singer of the 1960s, Otis Redding, recorded arguably the most famous interpretations of the standard “Try a Little Tenderness”. As they celebrate the end of a feud, Wags gives Stearn permission to sing, but he hopes he doesn’t have to hear her do it too often. Stearn has been abusing things if given the freedom to do so.

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