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Capturing the carbon value chain [Gas In Transition]


Canadian natural gas producers hope carbon capture and storage can achieve commercial status with help from federal tax credit [Gas in Transition, Volume 2, Issue 5]

by: Shaun Polczer

It’s called vapourware – literally. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has alternately been hailed as a silver bullet by its proponents or a glorified science fair project by its detractors as Canada moves toward a much-vaunted net-zero world. by 2050. Now, a combination of government incentives and a rapidly maturing technology platform to capture carbon and store it in the ground promises to bring CCS firmly into the mainstream in Canada. The problem is that no one knows exactly how to do it. Or even if it will count in the larger framework of global emissions reductions. The only certainty, delegates heard at Natural Gas World’s Canadian Gas Dialogues conference in Calgary on March 30, is that time is running out – even shorter than previously thought. That’s because the day before, on March 29, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decreed a 40% reduction in GHGs from the oil and gas sector by 2030 as a stepping stone to net zero by 2050. With little other alternatives to make such significant cuts in such a short period of time, CCS seems to be the main driver of these efforts. The big question is how to bring together the…