Value proposition

Control conversations, the value you deliver to customers, and communicate your value proposition

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Our practice management topics are hot this week. The first is an element that focuses on maintaining control of customer conversations. Our next two articles both look at the importance of your value proposition – one shows that value props aren’t just about your value, and the other digs deeper into communicating your value proposition.

Have you ever lost control of a conversation with a client or prospect? Ultimately, whoever asks the questions retains control of the conversation. Here are 4 tips for formulating and asking the right questions to guide the conversation.

You’re not alone if you struggle to express what sets you apart from other financial advisors. The secret sauce is to identify the benefit for the customer. You don’t want to miss this piece.

Thriving today isn’t just about providing great service. Communicate what makes you stand out. Here is a 4-step process to help you.

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