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Customer experience improves the value chain | Article

New Zealand companies develop new solution to track aftermarket product performance

A new solution will provide fresh produce businesses with better insight into what happens to their produce after purchase.

The Consumer Experience module was developed by New Zealand companies Radford Software and Forward HQ.

Consumer insights collected by Forward will be interfaced with Radford’s existing business intelligence platform, FreshInsights, as an add-on.

Radford Managing Director Adam Cuming said this knowledge will provide a competitive advantage and drive continuous improvements throughout the value chain.

“Producers can use the information to communicate with retailers, improve brand equity to increase margins and success,” Cuming explained. “They will understand how the sensory attributes of their ranges resonate with market segments and how consumers perceive their products.

“They will also be in a better position to make informed decisions about what they can do along the value chain (such as on-farm practices, packing plants or distribution processes) to improve product consistency. consumer experience.”

Forward, which has extensive experience in strategic research and information, will obtain the information through various means, including surveys and dedicated applications.

Cuming said the information can be tailored to a customer’s goals, with customizable metrics for any fresh produce line.

“Once interfaced with FreshInsights, customers can choose to combine this information with other datasets from the growing, packaging, selling and grower accounting cycles to provide complete value chain visibility,” said said Cuming.

Forward’s global director of consumer insights, Carlo Magni, said there are very few solutions as well-integrated as consumer experience, and none of them focus on products.

“In New Zealand, we are the first to launch a customer experience module within a specialist CRM (customer relationship management) and our value proposition is well positioned to deliver much-needed information to consumers, in a way extremely effective, to grow the New Zealand product sector and its global presence,” said Magni.

“The partnership opens the door to measuring product performance in the market, while connecting the impact that growing techniques, supply chain efficiency and retailers’ in-store execution have on the end-user experience.”

Radford and Forward expect mid-to-large product merchants to welcome the new module, given the efforts many are already making to target consumers and optimize portfolios.

The product is available to existing and new customers using FreshInsights.