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Frito-Lay Launches New Employee Value Proposition

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Frito-Lay announced the launch of its new employee value proposition and a new slogan, “We are going Places”.

Frito-Lay says it has identified ideas to implement a new employee value proposition to reflect its commitment to its employees and community.

The new tagline, “We’re Going Elsewhere,” is designed to inspire Frito-Lay’s more than 66,000 employees across North America and attract new talent to the workforce. The proposal encompasses the three pillars of Frito-Lay – Belonging, Motivation and Pride – which emerged from engagement surveys, focus groups and individual interviews, workshops and other feedback.

“The job market has changed dramatically, and staffing our front-line positions is more difficult and complex than ever,” said Patrick McLaughlin, senior vice president and chief human resources officer, PepsiCo Foods North America. “Our reinvented employer brand not only meets the desires of our frontline population, but the program will apply to all aspects of our employee experience – from onboarding to career growth – showcasing our own employees and showcasing Frito Lay as an employer of choice in the communities where we do business.

The company will launch a social and digital media campaign featuring real-life employee stories.

Frito-Lay offers employees competitive wages with hiring bonuses, health insurance, 401(k) with employer matching and retirement benefit, education including debt-free degrees, scholarship opportunities studies, educational assistance for degree and vocational programs, and assistance for parents of college-bound children.

“I stayed at Frito-Lay for over 30 years because I had security for my future. I’m comfortable, and I got to where I love what I do, and I can transfer my knowledge to someone else to make them better,” said Corenetta Jones, packaging capacity specialist at Frito-Lay North America.

To keep employees long-term, companies follow the common 90-day rule. Executives and HR specialists say that if a worker can stay with the company for their first three months on the job, that person is more likely to stay with the company longer term, which Frito-Lay defines as a year or more. Armed with this knowledge, companies are offering 90-day bonuses and new programs to keep employees on board for the first three months.

NACS hosted three webinars this summer that discussed innovative ways to address the labor shortage facing the convenience retail industry, including flexible and innovative scheduling.

NACS has partnered with the Good Jobs Institute on how convenience store operators can provide “good jobswhich meet people’s basic needs and provide conditions for commitment and motivation. The Good Jobs Calculator, designed exclusively for NACS members and the convenience industry, allows retailers to use their own custom data and assumptions about the amount of improvement or upside achievable, allowing executives to execute scenarios on the ultimate impact of a good jobs system. .

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