How a home renovation in France led to the discovery of a gold treasure worth $ 1.2 million

New Delhi | Jagran Press Office: In an astonishing incident, stonemasons in France found hundreds of gold coins that were buried inside the walls of an isolated French mansion. Gold coins have now reached more than one million euros ($ 1.2 million) at auction on Wednesday, AFP reported.

Stonemasons found 239 gold coins which were minted before the French Revolution during the renovation of a property near Quimper in the western region of Brittany.

During the renovation work, the craftsman found a metal box filled with gold coins hollowed out inside a wall.

While the family made the decision to keep four coins as a souvenir, they put the rest of the coins up for auction in the western town of Angers, and the estimated value of these coins is held between 250,000 and 300. 000 euros.

After the start of the auction, each piece was sold individually and the auction opening was set at 8,000 euros for a very rare double Louis d’Or, representing Louis XIV and dating from 1646. It rose to 46,000 euros , the same price. in Louis d’Or de Paris dated 1640 and stamped with the Cross of the Templars.

“The auctions were happening everywhere, in the room, on the Internet and on the phone,” said auctioneer Florian D’Oysonville.

The discovery of 239 pieces was made during the year 2019, however, the problem has now arisen when the owners commissioned the auction house to sell.

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