Is it necessary to be completely honest and upfront with your partner, friends and

Do you think you have the right to all the information about your loved one? Or do you think everything they tell you must be true, but they’re okay with keeping some things private?
Many conflicts between people in romantic relationships arise over how much information is shared and how it is done. Sometimes during a meeting people go through a period of complete sharing where each person shares their deepest and darkest fears and secrets, their brightest hopes and dreams and everything in between before committing to commit. towards each other, the expectation often being that they tell each other. other all that matters.

Anything that is discovered on your own or through sharing with other people can create a huge conflict. If you meet friends or family and after a relaxing time together, when someone starts sharing songs about the person you love, it’s a story you’ve never heard before, it chances are you’re all ears, wanting to know everything about the latest embarrassing information, and yet sometimes it can also trigger something more upsetting, and you might come back to your loved one asking why they didn’t have you. talked about and why you had to hear it from him. someone else.

We believe that we have a right to information about our loved ones, especially information about family dynamics or history, medical or legal information, financial information and even personal stories such as who they have been with and any trauma they may have suffered before meeting you. . On the one hand, you might justify yourself by saying that it is important to know them, especially if you plan to deeply integrate your lives, and yet, on the other hand, you might also want to stand up for everyone’s right. privacy – and the conflict between the two values, both equally important and valid, can be very difficult to resolve.

Should we honor transparency as a value, or should we honor privacy? Can we allow our partners to be as honest as they want without requiring full transparency, or is there some restriction on privacy and for people in relationships, and can privacy be eclipsed? by other factors?
Often times, there may be parts of our past that can get in our way, or the hurt we have suffered is too intense to want to come back to even with our partners, and we may choose not to be transparent about it at all.

We might want to reserve sharing until we feel truly committed to each other, and maybe never even want to disclose at all, and we want our privacy to be respected. If a potential partner can’t honor this and insists on full disclosure, it might be wondering if this relationship is even safe. Honesty and transparency are very different aspects. We can be honest without necessarily being transparent, and often being able to maintain the boundaries between them is what makes a successful relationship.

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