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Kestra Investment Management strengthens its value proposition with the launch of model portfolios

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kestra Investment Managementa division of Kestra Holdingsan industry-leading wealth management platform provider, today announced the launch of its first two series of model portfolios.

Designed exclusively for finance professionals associated with Kestra Holdings subsidiaries, the portfolios are structured to maximize opportunities for clients, offering various options based on client risk preference, desire for growth and tax sensitivity.

Both series have tax-friendly versions and are inexpensive and flexible enough to meet a wide range of customer needs. Additionally, the open architecture platform allows for a variety of different managers and funds. The first two model portfolio offerings are:

  • The Strategic Series: With a long-term focus and multiple risk profiles, this series is designed to be an efficient, streamlined solution with low turnover while maintaining exposure to potential economic growth.
  • The Dynamic Series: This offering is more active in nature, with a higher level of trading activity for investors looking to profit from changes in economic and market trends.

The Kestra Investment Management team will regularly analyze potential investments, use a rigorous due diligence process to select the most suitable funds, monitor portfolio allocations to make opportunistic changes, and regularly rebalance these allocations to ensure that each portfolio model remains aligned with its goals.

Led by Kestra Investment Management’s Chief Investment Officer, Kara Murphy, CFA, the team collectively has over a century of experience and is equipped to provide hands-on support to finance professionals within the Kestra ecosystem. Holdings, including portfolio analysis, account setup, transition support and ongoing training.

“Using our team’s extensive investment experience, we have created two series of user-friendly, cost-conscious model portfolios, which provide our associate finance professionals the flexibility to customize solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients, with growth and risk preferences in mind,” Murphy said. “We know there is no one size fits all investment solution. our finance professionals.

The series of model portfolios are managed by Kestra Investment Management, with chief portfolio officer Derek Schug, CFA, and portfolio manager Mouna Pyneni heavily involved. “Developing thoughtful investment models to meet a wide range of client objectives takes time and requires thorough due diligence. Since our full-time job is to create and manage a diverse set of models, we are confident that over time these solutions will deliver competitive results and allow finance professionals to focus more on customers. to achieve their goals,” Schug said.

Both series are accessible through existing platforms and are designed exclusively for finance professionals associated with Kestra Financial, Kestra Private Wealth Services, Grove Point Financial and Bluespring Wealth Partners.

In addition to portfolio solutions, Murphy and the team at Kestra Investment Management offer a wide range of support, including timely investment commentary and education, available on

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Kestra Holdings offers industry-leading wealth management platforms for independent wealth management professionals nationwide. With an innovative culture that celebrates independence, the company seeks to redefine the future of the consulting industry through superior service, cutting-edge technology and the preeminent resources that every finance professional needs to succeed in the world. market today and in the years to come.

Kestra Holdings companies collectively manage $122 billion in assets under administration (AAU) and help more than 2,400 independent financial professionals across the country provide comprehensive securities, trust and investment advisory services to their clients.

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