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New Zealand collaboration connects consumer insights to product value chain

Two leading New Zealand players in the global fresh produce industry have collaborated to provide growers, packers and marketers with powerful insights into product performance, closing the final link in the process from ground to consumer. .

Radfords’ Adam Cuming says the collaboration extends its value chain footprint from “ground to consumer

Software provider Radford Software Limited and consumer insights specialist, FORWARD HQ Limited, have launched the joint initiative, the Consumer Experience module, which is expected to provide producers with unprecedented traceability and insight into what is happening fresh produce after purchase.

Radford CEO Adam Cuming said this knowledge will provide competitive advantage and drive continuous improvements throughout the value chain’s grow, pack, store and sell cycles. Consumer insights collected by FORWARD will be interfaced with Radfords’ existing Business Intelligence platform, FreshInsights, as an add-on.

“Consumer experience is the last moment of truth, the ultimate measure of product performance. Now we can provide producers and brand owners with insights gathered across the value chain,” Cuming said.

Customization of metrics to meet client objectives
“FORWARD, which has extensive experience in strategic research and information, particularly in the primary sector, will source information through various means such as surveys or a dedicated app, tailored to a client’s objectives. Once interfaced in FreshInsights, customers can choose to combine this information with other datasets from growing, packaging, selling and grower accounting cycles to provide complete value chain visibility,” a- he declared.

Carlo Magni, Global Director of FORWARD Consumer Insights, said that globally, there are very few solutions that are as well-integrated as consumer experience, and none of them focus on products.

“In New Zealand, we are the first to launch a customer experience module in a specialist CRM (customer relationship management) and our value proposition is well positioned to deliver much-needed information to consumers, in an extremely efficient way, to grow the New Zealand fresh produce sector and its global presence,” said Magni.

Fresh produce companies are invited to express their interest in meeting Radfords and FORWARD at the Global International Fresh Produce Association Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, October 26-29, or Radfords at Asia Fruit Logistica in Bangkok, Thailand, November 2-4.

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