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Solar value chain jitters continue as polysilicon price hits new high and wafer prices rise further

LONGi increased its solar wafer prices by around 6% this week. Picture: LONGi.

Jitters in the solar industry’s supply chain continued this week after polysilicon prices hit a new high, also pushing silicon wafer prices higher.

This week’s polysilicon price update recorded prices of up to RMB 280/kg (including China’s 13% sales tax, or about USD 37/kg excluding this tax), with a average price around RMB 276/kg (USD 36.49/kg excluding China sales tax). sales tax).

Prices jumped about 2.6% from last week’s price, which itself marked the first time that prices exceeded last year’s peak of RMB 269/kg and hit a high of 11 years old.

Polysilicon prices have been rising throughout the year, but have jumped sharply in recent weeks due to sustained demand and panic buying by wafer manufacturers. Supply shortages have been further exacerbated by a fire at a factory owned by East Hope in Xinjiang, which is expected to cut production for about a month.

The impact of the fire was limited as the facility was scheduled to begin maintenance work, with other polysilicon production facilities in the country also expected to begin maintenance work despite strong industry demand.

As PV Tech Premium’s PV Price Watch feature noted earlier this week, persistently high polysilicon prices – coupled with a bottleneck at the ingot stage – have ricocheted through the solar power value chain. , driving up prices for solar wafers and modules in recent weeks.

Earlier today, LONGi confirmed a further price increase for its wafers, with prices rising around 6% to their highest level in recent years.

Solar prices are expected to remain high until the end of this year, when a list of new polysilicon production capacity is expected to come online, bolstering supply.